Adidas is one of the most successful shoe companies in the world. The company is ranked 61st for its sport related products like shoes, shirts, watches and accessories.

Founding Fathers

Adidas was founded in 1924 by Adolf Adi Dassler and his brother. The company is in Germany. It was initially called the Dassler Brothers shoe factory. The two brothers disagreed and parted ways in 1948. The business split into two, Adidas and Rudi which became Puma.

The Adidas company grew fast because of the company’s lightweight shoes that attracted football players. The company developed a line of sports goods for football in 1963.

Adidas lost market when NIKE emerged and overtook them. In 1978, the French businessman bought the company but failed to revive it. It was resold to Robert Louis Dreyfus who acquired Salomon group in 1997 and became Adidas Salomon AG. In 2005, Adidas sold Salomon but retained the Taylor made the brand. In 2006, Adidas Salomon changed to Adidas AG and by 2012, the company was fetching high revenue.

Adidas 3 Stripe Logo

Adidas products have a three-strip trademark. The emblem was formed in 1952 for athlete footwear. The symbol cost 1600 euros which were equivalent to two bottles of whiskey.

Adidas’s Achievement

The first Adidas shoe was worn in 1962 by Franz Beckenbauer. Other celebrities who love Adidas are Michael Bullock and Allyson Felix. Adidas Supplies team kits for football clubs like Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Real Madrid and A.C Millan. Adidas has subsidiary companies like Reebok, Runtastic, Taylor made and Ashworth.

Adidas Products

Adidas sells a variety of products. The products range from t-shirts to jackets to hoodies and leggings. The first apparel to be made was a tracksuit in 1967. The company sells mobile accessories, deodorants and lotions.

Adidas took long to grow because of poor leadership, and multiple branding, constant change of names which made the company to lose market and trust.