New Balance Inc. is a multinational shoe company based in Brighton, England. The company emerged in 1906 as a company specialising in arch supports. The New Balance Inc. manufactures shoes in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Key Founders

William Riley founded New Balance arch support company in 1906. He was motivated to design a shoe that was comfortable and well-fitting by observing the feet of his chickens. He came up with a three support point sole to provide balance and comfort for the runners’ shoes.

Riley partnered with Arthur who sold the arch support idea to his daughter Eleanor and her husband, Paul Kidd. The couple designed the ‘Trackster’ in 1960, which became the world’s first running shoe. Jim Davis bought the company in 1972.

In the 1970s onwards, the product expanded sales after Ann, Davis’ wife, built a new culture for new balance employees and customers. The company made products and became a global company, currently managed by Rob de Martini.

Top New Balance Shoes

New Balance 030 for running was first made in 1982 with a rugged sole to endure rough surfaces. The shoe, made with pigskin and nylon on the upper made it look kiddish. In 1988, the company made a new brand of shoe, New Balance 574, which had attractive features and the right balance. The demand for more comfortable shoes led to the invention of New balance 577 in 1989.

The company released a new model of running shoe, the 996, which was trending in 1987. In 1993, New Balance 1500 entered the market as a shoe that athletes termed as close to perfect for a running shoe. The company partnered with Stussy and Real Mad Hectic to design New Balance 580, which was released in 2003.

New Balance Sponsors and partners with athletes, footballers, basketball, and cricket players. The critical beneficiary in athletics was Olympian Stephanie Twell and Trayvon Bromel.