Sportswear is thriving more and more each year, with the active wear market being particularly competitive. Sportswear companies have been bringing new designs and products to the market. The need for sports garments like tracksuits, T-shirts, Polo shirts and other sportswear for various sports has increased. With the growing number of yoga classes yoga classes and gymnasiums, sportswear with suitable fabric has been massively in demand.

Many Americans have been on the look out for quality sportswear in the market for various sports, like swimming which is a curricular activity globally. This sportswear industry is booming with the urge to introduce a new collection of sports garments. The global fad for the active lifestyle is not ending any sooner, actually it is growing with time. Global Industry Analysts Inc estimated that by 2024 the apparel clothing market will rise to a worth of 231.77nbillion USD. The consumer rate for sportswear is multiplying by a high percentage all the time, and in the year 2018 this is no exception. The new collection of sports trends emerges simultaneously. In the 12 months leading up to March 2011, the US sales for active wear for both men and women increased by 3.2% compared to other years.

Products that are selling

The sports bra or crop top with matched leggings are still on the market. Fashionable Sports bras are leading in the market from intricate bra straps and mesh panelling to other designs. Also, cropped hoodies are still being worn with leggings for light workouts like yoga or even gymnastics. and by both genders, no less.

The Death of Printed Leggings

Printed leggings were initially very marketable. The sales of the printed legging brought profit to retailers who entered into the industry of active wear. Nowadays, however, people prefer a monochrome legging and crop top ensemble.