Nike is considered as the first Slovak betting company that has ventured into the industry since 1991. Its first branch started in January 1991. It specialises in offering betting services to gamblers. Its operations have been approved by the ministry of finance of this republic. Nike has over several years been working on boosting its services provisions to suit the comfort desired by its players. That is the reason the company has multiple branches in the entire Slovakia.

It is clear that since its formation, Nike has been the most prominent gambling firm in Slovakia. The firm is known for organising lotteries, competitive programs and fun to its fans. The games included the scratch card lottery that was connected to a TV game. During the organisation of this game from 1992 to 1996, over 90 million cards were sold out along with over 120 episodes being broadcasted on Slovak TV.

Later in 2010, Nike was able to collaborate with Czech company Sazka, Markiza as well as Nova in a competition that was labelled the Telentmania, which was very popular amongst the bettors. Nike also uses the great national Daily sport which features over 60 years of tradition in publishing supplements on extensive four newspapers.

From the year of its establishment, the company has been publishing some weekly odds list. You can find the Nike odds list in every branch. Every week, the company can bring incredible articles on draws, tables, redbet information, as well as statics on over 68 pages. The list also acts as the primary betting equipment, a guide to the sports events, advisory aspects on betting for any gambler in the industry. You can use any Nike platform to bet on sports events such as tennis, football, hockey, rugby, handball, boxing, motorsports and other significant events such as world cup events.